Mercedes Tidmore Brown

Mrs. Brown is a California native, born and reared in Long Beach, California. She attended Long Beach City College. Mercedes attended California State University Dominquez Hills, Carson, California where she received a B.A. degree in philosophy and a certificate in Alcohol and Drug Counseling.

She received a Master of Science degree in Community Counseling Psychology from Springfield College of Los Angeles, California. She is currently attending California State University Dominquez Hills, studying to become a licensed marriage and family therapist.

Mercedes, turns her pain into passion, and ultimately to freedom. The freedom from the shames that mothers feel when their child is incarcerated. The author becomes transparent as she pens her memoir, sharing the pain of three generations of women in her own family who had a child behind the prison wall.

Mercedes desire is to help others whose soul is incarcerated when their loved ones are incarcerated. She wants to teach other women how to get their life back and triumph over all adversities. Mercedes is utilizing her education in marriage and family therapy to help others to seek their purpose while pushing beyond their past and their pain. She is available for workshops and seminars. Contact

A Soul Incarcerated

A Soul Incarcerated

In this memoir of Vignettes, the author takes you on a journey of three generations of women who experience the pain and suffering as a mother when her child was incarcerated. She shares the struggle with the pangs of shame and guilt that's felt by a mother. She also addresses how a mother's soul is incarcerated when her child is locked behind the prison walls.

The Author's inner thoughts are reflected in her poetry, prose and prayers. Her husband, the artist, has captured her inner spirit in his art that's sprinkled like paprika throughout this book.

This book will help those who are affected by the psychological stress and trauma of incarceration. This will also assist them in the process of acceptance and understanding as they cope and proceed with their daily aspects of living life.

As the pages turn, you are there with the author. You are feeling her pain, but ultimately you will see how soul triumphs over all adversities and takes on a life with purpose. The author turns her pain into purpose. She pursues her education so that she may help others to overcome the heartache, the hurt and the shame.

This is a timely book for such a time as this. This book will help others to heal by opening up, sharing their feelings, and knowing that they are not alone. It will help mothers to no longer feel ashamed because their child is behind prison walls. This book is a must-read!